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Musician of no mean ability, outstanding composer, inspiring teacher, exceptional scholar and theorist, competant administrator, and above all, a lifelong student - that was S.N. Ratanjankar. A veritable Gyan Kosh. In my opinion, unequalled in this century, in his breadth and depth of musical knowledge. Handpicked, it would seem, by Saraswati Herself. A profile follows...

Rajan Parrikar
[ Originally posted on RMIC by Rajan Parrikar as part of Great Masters Series. ]

Pt. S.N. Ratanjankar
Never before has the world of Hindustani classical music received such a double-blow as on February 14, 1974, when it lost two stalwarts on the same day. In the death of Padma Bhushan Srikrishna Narayan Ratanjankar, we lost a most dedicated musician and erudite musicologist, and a few hours later, the grand voice of Padma Bhushan Amir Khan was stilled for ever in a tragic car accident. Both have bequeathed precious musical legacies for posterity, each in his own way.

Pandit Ratanjankar with his life of almost ascetic simplicity, his dedication to and personal sacrifice for the propagation of classical music, and indifference to publicity and money, was quite an extraordinary personality in this era when the majority of professionals hanker after fame, wealth, and a following. The mantle of the great Chaturpandit Bhatkhande could not have fallen on worthier shoulders. Like his guru, Ratanjankar was "a dedicated soul wedded to music." While tragedy after tragedy struck his personal life, Pt. Ratanjankar sought solace for his soul by plunging deeper and deeper into the art which alone gave him a purpose in life and courage to pursue the ideals set before him by his revered guru.
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