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David Philipson - bansuri

Thus could the Ali Jihad Racy Ensemble's joyful, lyrical, rhythmically percolating set of medleys of Arabic music at the beginning of the evening form an arch nearly four hours later with David Philipson's peaceful, soulful North Indian improvisations on a bansuri (a bamboo alto flute) over a tanpura drone at the end.

Richard S. Ginell , The Los Angeles Times

Philipson keeps you riveted with melodic lines that weave and flow, singing the tune of the traveller.

Mike Ezzo Exposé Magazine
David Philipson - bansuri, Vijay Kangutkar - tabla 
Felicitation Program for Pt. Taranath Rao
Talmiki Wadi, Mumbai - 1984

David Philipson - bansuri, Vijay Kangutkar - tabla
Felicitation Program for Pt. Taranath Rao
Talmiki Wadi, Mumbai - 1984

On bansuri (the north Indian flute) is David Philipson, the West's foremost exponent of this ancient instrument. Philipson brings the clear call of nature into the din with elegantly bent excursions on his bansuri.

Greg Burk , The L.A. Weekly

David Philipson gave ample evidence by his prowess that the bansuri as an instrument is not foreign to his musical intuition or alien to the western culture.

Sumit Savur , The Blitz Daily, Mumbai, India

The bansuri, an instrument invented for the ragas of North Indian classical music, has a haunting, affecting quality, and Philipson stretches the boundaries of that folk instrument on his improvisations.

JAZZIZ Magazine

David Philipson from the U.S. was on the bansuri. The efforts to understand and put across the spirit of Indian classical music was evident in his playing.

The Indian Express, Mumbai, India

The warm timbre of Philipson's traditional flute is especially enticing.

Fachblatt Musik Magazine, Cologne, Germany

Reviews of the music for 'Naga Mandala' at the Guthrie Theater - 1993

Garland Wright is very ably assisted by the musicians, David Philipson and Leonice Shinneman, who give this economy its force and the movements their grace.

Amitava Kumar , The Minnesota Daily

Musicians David Philipson and Leonice Shinneman use Indian instruments with delicate effectiveness.

Jayne Blanchard , St. Paul Pioneer Express

The sound effects and live Indian music provided by David Philipson and Leonice Shinneman is sometimes haunting, sometimes jubilant, and sometimes very funny, as the mood dictates.

Tad Simons , Twin Cities Reader
Naga Mandala - photo: Michal Daniel

Naga Mandala - photo: Michal Daniel

The production is enhanced by live musicians David Philipson and Leonice Shinneman.

Connie Chivers , Insight News

Listen to the music for Naga Mandala here.

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